Actually looking forward to seeing what Robinson can do starting.

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  1. So the coaches are conceding that we are going to lose even if we had Tom Brady at QB so let’s get the freshman some snaps because who cares about a B12 championship? Oh and our top ranked defense can’t stop OU because of one game?SMFH!
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  2. I can't imagine this is anything but mind games or a truly bad injury that, frankly, we didn't notice right at the end of the game when Kenny was still out there.

    It's not like we're 4-5 and the season is a lost cause here. We still have a very real shot at winning the conference championship (even considering a bad game against the current frontrunner). The idea that you look at an 8-2 season and possible conference title berth and think "Shut her down, time to rebuild for next year" is insane. The idea that you start a true freshman QB over a 5th (6th?) year Senior in a hostile environment against a team that is no slouch is equally crazy.
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    High school and college ball are two different games -- just like college football and the NFL. It's virtually never an easy transition. Even Andy Dalton struggled during his first two years at TCU (at one point, Patterson benched for throwing too many interceptions) and only shined during his junior and senior years.

    I can't understand you guys who think we can just throw a green star-HS QB to the wolves and he will magically transform into He-Man. It happens on rare occasions -- but VERY rare. For every Manziel or RGIII or Mayfield you can name, I can show you 30 or 40 who completely fizzled in their first few years and later failed completely or didn't become at least moderately successful until their latter years in college ball.

    Too many are looking for the quick-fix, the miracle worker. Reminds me of when Texas Tech hired Chad Glasgow from TCU to try out the 4-2-5 defense there, thinking it was just a formation defense and any coach knowledgeable in it could just install it at Tech and get instant success. Plug-and-play.

    They learned better. Even when Gary Patterson installed the 4-2-5 at TCU, it took him 2-3 years to get the right players at TCU and train them in the strategy and progressions that made it successful.

    Shawn Robinson is our future and nobody is wishing him any greater success than me. But we owe him a better chance than starting against a potentially dangerous opponent playing for bowl eligibility in their home stadium, where visiting teams have a poor success rate, and facing a really hostile crowd. I do think he should see some playing time. But if Kenny Hill can start? He should be our QB.
  4. Oh, you mean the player who was recruited by Meachum? Or was it Cumby?
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  5. A whole bunch of you need to get better at college footballing. Thoroughly beaten down by some of the absurd observations posted on here.
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  6. While I agree that this should be healthy Kenny Hill's team, I don't believe your ratio.
    AggyFootball, RGMe, BM, RapeyKingCrabJameis, Jake Fromm State Farm.

    All but Fromm seem like pretty sub-par humans. Reports are that Robinson is a model American and natural leader of men, so maybe he lacks the psychopath qualities that enable immediate success.
  7. Hill is hurt SR is the QB let’s support SR and hope he plays well enough to win. Let us also pray he doesn’t get hurt who is third string QB?
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  8. Worth noting that literally NOBODY with knowledge of the situation is reporting this.
  9. Everyone has an opinion this is mine from Coach P.
  10. Tom Brady is no longer eligible. Come on man!
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  11. If we get Brady to play would they announce him as the Patriots transfer Tom Brady?
  12. CGP list several players between probable & questionable. That means nearly nothing. All may play, or some will play.
    IF Kenny is out, the offense will be tweaked to maximize Robinson’s best stuff. If Morris can go 15+ plays, that should be a big help. After being embarrassed last week, the defense will be out for blood.
    Whatever happens, this should be fun to watch and I bet the Frogs will be more than ready to play.
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  13. I hope we don't have to start Robinson..Hill is still our best chance at payback on OU..However, I sure as heck hope we plan on getting Robinson 3-5 series a game going forward so we have some continuity going into next season..We still have a lot to play for and we need to have our name splattered in the playoff conversation as long as possible for national perception and recruiting purposes. Right now I want these last 2 games to be about clawing our way back into the top 10 and setting up a showdown with OU. I realize we have no realistic shot at a playoff spot, but we can continue to build our program with a top 10 finish.
  14. Who?
  15. The real danger is that Texas Tech has more syphilis than a Tuskegee science experiment.
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  16. [
    Tom wouldn't work in this offense because there is no threat of the quarterback run.
  17. Don't care who, just win the conference title.
    Just don't drop the middle LB out of the zone against OU. We should be good.
    BEAT TECH and create turnovers.
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  18. Well, if they allow him to deflate balls they may allow him to tie the defenders shoelaces together.

    Irregardless, the point is mute.
  19. I am speechless that you find it something moot.
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  20. Anxious to see Shawn have an opportunity to experience some quality playing time.
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