2018 Recruiting Thread

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  1. Chase is coming in that weekend as well.
  2. Would be great if all these guys secretly committed like the guys did for Charlie Strong last year(or year before, can't remember).
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  3. This class is shaping up to an incredible finish. The volume of elite talent committed is unprecedented. I'm astounded...This is amazing!!
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  4. This weekend somebody make sure the Bagman cometh. Coburn looks so big. Bigger than 6'1" as he is listed. That boy may be still growing. And Chase would be the best receiver in this class if he stays true to his flirting with the Frogs. Rogers is huge to these guys. He looks like a leader and has the skills. Robinson is going to be so goo here and he looks all the leader. The video on Chase shows his smooth gate and highpoint catching. Jumping JaMarr. He gets his position on the incoming pass like I don't see in this age group. Short pass put up high or a slant across the middle or something longer he looks in total control. I've seen other film on him too. Instant starter.
  5. Stop
  6. Oregon LB commit

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  7. Starting to look pretty remarkable. Those who have committed but don't sign in the early signing period better be very careful or they may get recruited over in the final month.
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  8. 25th raked athlete in the nation. 0.8839 rating high 3 star. I bet GP looking for that big OLB that he has been after (lost out on Vernon Jackson to Bama) who was 6-3 240 0.8750 39th ranked athlete. Cunningham listed at 6-3 230

    And this Ar'darius Washington kid has been tweeting with other Frog commits for this entire year and now taking a visit. WOW I almost think he may flip from LSU 5-8 175 safety 0.8615
  9. Washington would be a CB at TCU I believe
  10. And Vernon Jackson isn’t a LB either.
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  11. he would have been at TCU in my opinion. He is listed as and athlete played QB and DE in HS. I have no problem with your opinion but you can probably not speak to everyone here like your word is gospel. But please let us know if you think he is a big WR or a TE or would he be a strong side DE.
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  12. That would be cool. But I heard he is a ball hawking player in the mold of former LSU safety Tyron Matthews who is listed at 5-9 Don't know Ad'Arius's speed or quickness stats so I appreciate your thoughts or your comment on what you have heard
  13. Honest question: where do you hear these things? Pay sites? Coaches?
  14. big and fast OLB is the piece Patterson covets to bring the D to the next level Barron Browning OLB 6-2 229 and Anthony Hines ILB 6-3 222 were extremely high rated backers Browning a legit 5 star. They both engaged in multiple camps, multiple visits to the complex, in homes and were CBed to the Frogs by many. Some "just missed" guys that GP would have left drool on his chest because he knows he can make a player out of this type kid. It's cool to see him and the staff stay after playmakers at the position.
  15. These things?
  16. Seemed like a simple question.
  17. The things that come out in your insane ramblings.
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  18. This board already has a hindry.

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