2017 TCU Football Season Ticket Renewals

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  1. We're in the tennis lot as well, 14 I believe. Despite the walk to and from the stadium, it's really a great lot to tailgate in. The shuttle is nice, but it takes quite a lap to get back to the stadium.
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  2. We'll have to party with dirtbag and his litter. I'm almost as excited about tailgating in that lot as I am the actual football season coming up. My wife's college roommates have been in that lot for years so we'd always stop by and hang out with them for an hour or so before moving over to lot 4 to set up shop. It's definitely a better location for a tailgate and the added win of not having to circumnavigate AGC a couple times each game day with infant/toddlers is another big win.
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  3. Lot 14 and east side upper deck is a golden combo. Been doing it for years.
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  4. Quite a few Lot 14ers!
  5. #Lot14ForLife
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  6. Sounds like a bunch of meows who need shade.

    Moved from 215 to 302. Not really any better seats but I got sick of the people in front of me with their two kids turning around and getting upset every time I drop a C bomb. The nerve of some folks.
  7. Curt?
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  8. What is the shade situation in the SEZ? I know the NEZ doesn't get shade until ~4:00 or so.
  9. How is lot 4? Is it filling up. Spot 43 open? asking for a friend.
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    76 spots available. #43 is not. Closest options are #47 in the same row and #88-90 directly across the lane from #43.

    EDIT: Looks like someone is about to scoop up #47.
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  11. Welcome to 302. My renewal slot is tomorrow but I likely renew unless something more attractive is there when my time comes up.
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  12. Well, I made my move, so I cannot access the map any longer. Good luck to those still waiting to pick.
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  13. 10 minutes away. Does any part of lot 4 have grass next to the outer spots?
  14. that's still illegal in Texas
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  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Yeah, that feature kind of bugs me. Seems like there should be a view only mode for the nosy folks wanting to see how everything shakes out.
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  17. Oh well. I am too busy putting my seats on Stubhub right now, just to piss Maniac off.
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  18. For all my concern about losing SEZ seats it turned out to be a whole lot of nothing. Peace is at peace. And no more parking garage traffic nightmares.
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  19. Sounds like things worked out for both of you. This is great to hear. Thanks for your continued support!

    Go Frogs!
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  20. Only 1 - 25 or so on that row.
    Probably doesn't help now.

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