2017 Baseball Season Thread

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  1. Yep. Not "a few days," or "a game or two." "A few weeks" is very specific and is not good.

    This should be exhibit B to any of the idiots who continue to criticize Schloss for using up his players for short term gain. Exhibit A is shutting down Luken's pitching last year.
  2. A good thing? We're currently projected as the last national seed and keep slipping.

    We need to win games and win games now. Janzack will miss Tech next weekend, trrrrbllllleee.
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    We have a very young and very talented pitching group. More games under their belt will not hurt.

    I am more worried about our offense at this point.
  4. What team are you watching? It's the exact opposite. Our offense has been improving over the course of the year, it's the starting pitching that has been inconsistent most of the year.
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  5. Definitely hope we hold onto a national seed, and even a regional host seed. Could be very dicey
  6. A team that can't seem to hit the opposing starting pitcher.

    A team that seems gets back into games due to lack of depth of the opposing bullpen or late inning errors/meltdowns.

    Our bullpen will keep us in games.
  7. Darn Baylor.

  8. As many know because I make it a bit (which no one thinks is funny except for me) about how JJ is my favorite player, I will say that we have so many talented arms. He's the LAST pitcher I want to lose because he is hands down our best pitcher, but if he truly is lost, either for the season or for a few weeks, then someone else needs to step up. There are a number of players who can step up right now and dominate in a starters role.

    Like I said in another thread, thank God we have Traver getting healthy right now.
  9. Crap. Now I'm not sure if I'm gonna go.
  10. 6:00 PM
    Mostly Cloudy 86° 89°
    50% S 18 mph

    7:00 PM
    Scattered Thunderstorms 83° 86°
    51% S 18 mph

    8:00 PM
    Scattered Thunderstorms 80° 83°
    60% SSE 14 mph

    9:00 PM
    Scattered Thunderstorms 74° 74°
    77% N 12 mph

    10:00 PM
    Scattered Thunderstorms 71° 71°
    73% N 12 mph
  11. There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing.
  12. Our cars took a beating the last hailstorm. I don't have time to go through that again.

    I know it will be scattered but you can't control where and when mother nature will throw down hail.

    I will most likely wait till the storms pass then head over.
  13. Ha, I'm laying on the couch drinking that same Scotch as we speak.
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  14. Hope you have a full bottle.
  15. Quick Big 12 recap from Friday:

    OSU 12 Tech 10: Tech can swing the bat but getting to their bullpen seems to be the way to beat them. Lefty they brought in last night struggled to find the zone. OSU is playing basically for their postseason lives

    KU 15 OU 10: not sure what's wrong with OU lately

    WVU 9 KSU 7: WVU rallied with 4 runs in the eighth to win. If they stay hot they should end up hosting

    Texas 7 NOLA 1: woopty do basil. Big 12 needs a 10th baseball member

    TCU (10-3)
    WVU (9-4)
    Tech (8-5)
    KU (7-6)
    OU (5-5)
    Texas (7-8)
    BU (5-8)
    OSU (5-8)
    KSU (2-11)

    Very surprised by the number 4 team in the conference right now. No one in this league should be overlooked
  16. OU has had key injuries and played above their station early IMO. They got several back last night and still managed to cough up 4- and 6- run leads last night. Used to be in the bank when Irvin was on the mound with a lead.
  17. Big 12 Saturday Recap:

    Tech 8 OSU 2

    KU 5 OU 2: KU sneaking into the tournament discussion

    KSU 8 WVU 4: The more I see teams lose in Manhattan the happier I am we snuck out of there with a sweep

    Texas 3 NOLA 2

    TCU (10-4)
    Tech (9-5)
    WVU (9-5)
    KU (8-6)
    Texas (7-8)
    OU (5-6)
    BU (6-8)
    OSU (5-9)
    KSU (3-11)

    Let's take care of business today
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    WVU up 4-0 B5

    KSU with 5 in B5 now lead 5-4 going to 6th
  19. KSU scores 11 unanswered runs on bullpen.If Grove is done for the year,so is WVU.

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