2017 Baseball Season Thread

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  1. is there a link to this quote? Dear Tiny Jesus, in your golden fleece diapers with your tiny, little fat balled up fists let there be a link! I love trolling aggies.
  2. What a terrible article.
  3. Janczak out of the rotation.

    Didn't know he was injured but he is getting an MRI today.
  4. Just what we needed...
  5. I think we are going with Lodolo - Traver - Howard this weekend - anyone else at the luncheon confirm, I don't trust my hearing lol
  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Wow. Probably fair to say our best player so far this season.
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  8. Also, is baseball considered a "real sport" again in Waco or is that still yet to be determined?

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  9. Schloss spun it off to be a good thing and he may have a point.

    This gives an opportunity for someone else to get more playing time and shine.

    It will be beneficial in the postseason to have pitchers with game time experience and even better as a starter. Never know if you have to be in the losers bracket and need 4 deep pitcher rotation.
  10. Maybe. Hoping I'm wrong. But I will be very surprised if we see him on the mound again this season. Not stunned-beyond-belief type of surprised but pretty surprised. "A few weeks" is quite substantial at this point of the season. I am very confident that whatever happens will be in the best interest of JJ.
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  11. There's my spin on it.
  12. Next man up. Gotta grow some people up....oh wait channeling the wrong Legendairy TCU coach
  13. Wow. I don't know of anyone who can immediately step into JJ's cleats and start throwing 7 and 8 inning no-no type stuff but there's a lot of real good pitchers on this team. I fully expect to see some great performances and some interesting rotations both during the weekend and in-game.
  14. It's not like he is done for the year.

    Schloss seemed pretty confident.

    Did anyone even see when he was injured? No one(general public) had a clue.
  15. Is that the coach of the competitive milking team? Must be affiliated with the ranch management school.

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