2017-18 Men's Basketball Thread

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  1. Lord that is 1:am Eastern my time zone.
  2. Id rather be a 7 than a 5 tho.
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  3. Valid point, but I'd rather be a 4 than a 5.
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  4. I’d rather be a 1 than a 4 too
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  5. We can be as high as a 1 seed if we dominate the Big 12 this year. The sky is the limit. Go Frogs.
  6. Indeed, but if we're a 1 seed come March I'd consider it one of the most surprising things I've ever seen in sports.

    From what I've seen of our squad this year, though, I don't think top 3 in the B12 is out of the questions and a position that high in this conference is usually going to put you somewhere around a 3 or 4 seed depending on how strong other teams and other conferences are.
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  7. Agreed. Can’t remeber who it was and I doubt this happens, but One National writer said based on how the big 12 has done this non conference he could see all 10 teams getting in the big dance. Going to be a must to protect home court during conference play
  8. https://maps.nwcg.gov/sa/#/?/34.1185/-118.5169/10

    The fires are pretty far from downtown LA. The wind is mostly blowing the smoke south and west so it shouldnt impact downtown. Probably the only risk is if flights start to get cancelled at LAX due to visibility, although I assume the team could fly to one of the other LA area airports instead. Traffic on the northwest part of the LA area is a mess, but what else is new. Shouldn't be an issue assuming we are staying at a hotel near Staples Center.
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  9. The Skirball fire is/was 10 miles from my house. Its been very smoky the last couple of days. Any one with allergies is really suffering. I believe that fire is contained but the fires to the east and in Ventura are not contained. In the downtown LA area the air quality is not great, but it has improved. These dry conditions are very bad out here. Very sad for many people. One of my favorite spots to visit is Ojai and they are now evacuating the Ojai area I read. :(
  10. I think it was all 10 teams could be post-season teams, which would include the NIT I suspect. I doubt any writer who knows anything about anything would project all 10 teams from any conference to make the big dance. There are just too many auto-bids for that to sound realistic.
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  11. I havent seen every team play a full game but by my little eye, rough seedings:


  12. I see us with a 2/3 seed ceiling, and a 7/8 floor
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  13. 2
    2/3 is a lofty ceiling.
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  14. I doubt the conference will have 3 x 5 seeds. I think the conference is strong enough to have 3 teams with a 4 seed or better. Our non-con is admittedly not very great, but if we finish the conference slate in 3rd place or better I just don't see us being lower than a 4 seed. That would be a lot of quality wins to get us there.
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  15. Id love to be wrong, though. I hate ku and id like bay to be lower. Tech is a good team.
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    No conference would get 3, 5 seeds. It was a rough sketch, Deep, i mean purp.

    Edit: im sorry i resorted to namecalling.
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  17. I think big.
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  19. Apology accepted Feisty.
  20. There shouldn't be any problem with fires at the Staples Center.

    As pointed out earlier, the team can fly into Orange County, Burbank or Ontario and get to the game.

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