2012/2013 quick recruiting update (6-6-2011)

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  1. 2012:

    Still an estimated 7 slots remaining and appear to be these positions:

    2 OL
    Ralphael Green
    6-4/335 San Antonio, TX (Sam Houston) 1st team all-district OL, 2nd team DL, will attend TCU Junior day.
    Connor Grooms 6-4/290 Tyler, TX (Lee) 1st Team All-Smoaky, All-State, Never graded below 80% in any game, 88% for the season, 12-pancake blocks
    John Michael McGee 6-3/270 Texarkana, TX Offered ***
    Hiva Lutui 6-3/275 Euless, TX (Trinity) TCU offer ***
    Aviante Collins 6-3/280/4.9 Willow Ridge Son of TCU track star Bill Collins, TCU favorite
    Garrett Adcock, 6-3, 275, 4.93 Dallas, TX (Dallas Christian) has Arkansas, Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, TCU, California and Arizona interested. He attended Arkansas' game against Alabama.
    Boone Feldt C 6-3/270/5.1 Pilot Point, TX plays for his father at Pilot Point, Plays OT but probably shifts to center at the next level.
    Trey Keenan 6-5/275/5.1 Argyle, TX offered by Kansas State, Tech and Kansas. JR day invitee
    Sam Schomp 6-4/303 Lindale, TX Monster on the line and TCU after him early. His sister goes to TCU.

    1 DT
    Demonte Hood
    6-0/295 Arlington, TX (Bowie)
    Javonte MaGee 6-6/273/4.9 San Antonio, TX (Sam Houston)
    Tommie Mark 6-2/260/4.8 Lufkin, TX
    Donald Hopkins 6-2/270/4.8 Lago Vista, TX Teammate with Austin Terry 2011
    Colton Moorehead 6-3/250 Chapel Hill, TX 2010 1st Team All-State, 1st Team All-Smoaky 111 tackles, 12 TFL, 8 sacks, 4 PBU, 3 FR, 7 QBPs for 13-2 team APEC trained athlete (Blake Roberts, Jake Kirkpatrick, Matthew Tucker, Blake Schlueter, Drew Coleman, Luke Shiver)
    Nikolas (Niko) Padilla 6-1/272/4.78 Dallas, TX (Parish Episcopal) 2010 league MVP, and was named all-state and all-district on both offense and defense. Padilla was an all-district player as a sophomore in 2009 and was named MVP Defense and Strongest Man at the 2009 Ultimate 100. At the 2009 NUC Combine, Padilla was again named MVP Defense and Strongest Man. Padilla boasts a 4.3 grade point average and was named all-state academics in 2010.
    Devontae Richardson 6-2/280 Arlington, TX (Seguin)
    Anthony Smith 6-0/285/5.0 Spring, TX (Westfield) TCU, Miami, Nebraska, LSU, Texas A&M and Baylor have all shown early interest, in 2010 he earned second team all 13-5A honors with 75 tackles, 8 sacks and 15 for loss.
    Jamaal Fears 6-2/275/5.3 26" vert Duncanville, TX hearing from Notre Dame, Wake Forest, Oklahoma, TCU, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Nebraska and Texas A&M.
    (others to watch: Zorell Ezell, Humble)

    Denzel Devall 6-2/225/4.68 Bastrop, LA 3-4A Co-Defensive MVP, 108 tackles and 48 tackles for loss
    LB Brian Nance 6-3/210/4.35 Euless, TX (Trinity) 1st team All-state
    (others to watch: Lincoln Richard, Everman)

    1 DB
    CB Colin Blake
    6-3/180/4.5 San Antonio, TX (Brandeis) physical corner with great athleticism, offerd by TAMU & Tech also
    CB Travis Blanks 6-1/195/4.4 Tallahassee, FL (North Florida Christian) Has over 30 offers including Aub, Al, Mia, FlaSt, etc, etc. Per ThaRinger.com Top 8 Travis Blanks official top 8 - no order: Auburn, Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, TCU, Ohio State, LSU, and Miami.
    S Dominique Gibson 5-11/198/4.5 Belle Glade, Fla (Glades Central) outstanding athlete recruited as a safety. Plays RB, LB, DB, etc Hard worker. Offered by ECU
    S LaDarrell McNeil 6-1/185/4.5 (Dallas, TX (A. Maceo Smith) Favors TCU, UT and Ala, JR Day invitee

    2 WR/ATH
    WR La'Darius Newbold 6-1/175/4.55 Lancaster, TX Played alongside Cedric Gilbert in 2010, avg 19yds per reception and showed well in the playoffs.
    ATH Nelson Agholor 6-2/180/4.4 Tampa, Fl (Berkley Prep)
    ATH Devin Fuller 6-0/185/4.5 Old Tappan Road, NJ Father played safety for TCU, "Mr New Jersey Football" in 2010, played QB and was a JR All-American (MaxPreps).
    ATH Damien Lawry 6-0/175/4.5 Dallas, TX (A Maceo Smith)
    ATH Dominique Wheeler 6-2/180/4.4 Crockett, TX

    One interesting trend recently is the rash of decommits from OkieSt, including LB Dalton Santos who has an offer from the staff. It is also expected that Kendall Sanders will soon decommit.

    TCU after Javonte Magee at DT but he has said that he is a package deal with Raphael Green and S Leo Thomas. Don't see any program (at least top program) making all three an offer.


    QB: The best QB in the state and one of the best in the nation, Tyrone Swoopes (6-5/220/4.59) from Whitewright still is all TCU, but he will be hit hard by Mackdaddy. TAMU has offered appears to be resolved they are out on that and focusing on former Kolby Griffin teammate Kohl Stewart (6-3/185)at Houston St Pius X. In a QB poor class, these 2 stand out big and both with good relations with the staff (Swoopes offered).

    It appears the OL Jake Raulerson is a sure bet to UT. TCU is up there for him but he seems to be in love with the burnt orange right now.

    Some names to get familiar with:

    Ricky Seals-Jones WR/TE 6-5/215 Sealy, TX Possibly the #1 recruit in the state for 2013 and has TCU on the short list, excellent hands and a post in basketball for Sealy.

    A'Shawn "Tank" Robinson 6-4/305 OT/DL Ft Worth, TX (Arlington Heights) Plays basketball & football and loves DL but his best position is probably OT. Was impressive at the TCU Nike Camp, UT hard for him.

    Alex Mayes OT 6-5/260/5.32 TCU legacy (father & grandfather played at TCU)and big favorite. Needs to improve speed and agility but has that in focus.

    Ben Hughes DT 6-4/310 Waco University, TX UT after him but the LT connection helps. TCU on short list for now.

    Demun Mercer WR/QB 6-3/180/4.6 Houston, TX (Chavez) One of the best athletes in the state for 2013. Originally from Winnsboro, LA, TCU in top group.


    Caleb Benenoch
    OT 6-5/320 Katy, TX (Seven Lakes)

    Kent Perkins OT 6-6/300/4.95 Dallas, TX (Lake Highlands) From Marshall Newhouse's school and like Newhouse he is extremely athletic.

    Eric Wren OG 6-3/305 Mesquite, TX (Horn)

    Keree Renchie LB 6-4/215/4.7 Fort Bend, TX (Elkins) 2 sport stud looked at by St Johns in basketball.

    Bruce Thomas LB 6-0/220/4.6 Delray Beach, FL (Atlantic)

    Antwuan Davis DB 6-1/171/4.39 Del Valle, TX speedster, s/b one of the highest recruited DBs in Texas for 2013.

    Tristan Gilford DB 6-0/170/4.45 Aldine, TX (Eisenhower)

    Kyle Hicks CB 5-10/170/4.4 Arlington, TX (Martin)
  2. Thanks Feisty! It is still looking great for this coming class and with 2013 sneaking up on us it's great to see we may get even a better crop.

    2012 class I am hoping we get Keenan and one other on the OL. For OT I think we have a great group we are looking at but is there a chance of going outside the state for an OT?

    It's great to have kids growing up see the Frogs dominate on defense and wishing they could play for them but now with the offensive performances TCU is have kids hoping to play offense too. Swoopes is really a great player and I hope he keeps TCU as his first pick. I can already vision him in a TCU uniform passing to Mercer.
    What will push TCU over the edge with the best players in the state is for Dalton to come out throwing this year proving TCU can get a 2 star quarterback and making him a NFL quarterback. Just think what we can do with Swoopes! :tongue:
  3. Ladarell McNeil
  4. This. We're very much in play for him. I would love to get him + Lawry
  5. Is one of those 7 spots left for 2012 for Chris Hawkins(WR) who we recruited in 2010, but needed Tyler JC for 2 years 1st...?...

    Cheers! ... doin' a good job Feisty!
  6. Thanks for the breakdown Feisty!
  7. Again I say, we must have a kicker and punter in this class.
  8. I appreciate the info! Too bad we don't have a few more scholarships available.
  9. What happened to Russell Hansbrough? After his visit earlier in the year, it seemed he was going to commit sometime soon after that. Haven't heard / read anything about him since then. Is he still on the Frogs radar? Offered?

  10. According to Rivals, Agholor is on campus now. First visit by a 5-star in some time, if ever.

    Interesting about Blanks that he has no Florida schools on his top-8 list. Guess he wants to go out of state. Wonder if Ohio St. will still be on his list? If not, Fort Worth is definitely a different place than the others, but he will still be able to play on the East Coast.
  11. I believe there is some fella over in Aledo who visited many times recently. Heard he was a 5 star.
  12. He dropped Ohio State, as they are having major difficulties with fired coaches and NCAA..
  13. Hansbrough has claimed a TCU offer, but there is some confusion about whether or not he ever actually got one. It might be one of those situations where he mistook interest for an offer.

    Either way, I don't think he is in the picture any longer
  14. anyone got video on tyrone swoopes??
  15. Blanks is looking better & better for TCU every day. Very spiritual and looking for a coach that can guide him on and off the field. He has also said OSU out and that he definitely wants to go out of state.

    I am sure once he hangs with kids such asTrevius Jones, Kolby Griffin and the rest of the team he will find a great new home. Blanks is a solid individual and much more mature than most, high in the frog factor ratings.
  16. On the "On the run 2" video is the roll-out pass at about 1:35 (plays starts at 1:20) and he easily throws a 60yrd rope down the sidelines. He is almost casual in his approach (very at ease) and though not an ideal high motion, its not as some describe as more of a Vince Young motion. He definitely throws a much better ball than Young, especially at this stage.


    Also notice he returns punts and plays safety, so kid is virtually an every down player.
  17. Swoopes has a cannon on him. Gunner must love this guy.

    With some better blocking he would be unstoppable for them.
  18. Gunner is liking Tyler Matthews. :biggrin:

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