1st. the Catholic Church gets reemed, now the black school kids in D.C.

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  1. My Hispanic students are some of my best students.
  2. Maybe so,.........Im only telling you what I was told by posters over at the football board. As I said earlier.........NO idea if its true or not.
  3. A good friend of mine teaches at a Dallas elementary school and would agree 100%.
  4. HUH..............I wonder what it could be? Does Texas have a track record of hiring teachers that are fairly poor at their job ? I dont know myself as I dont live there. Must be some explanation for it.................
  5. This may shock you, but Texas does not have the best school systems in the US. But that is not the point, rather that our schools are failing us and unions are largely resistant to change. So what is the answer? Freedom from the leviathan.

    I actually really like the new Mayor of Chicago, just yesterday Rahm Emanuel defended charter schools:

    “My goal is to give parents the ability to make a choice of where they want to send their kids. I think those are impressive results,” the mayor said.

    “You’ve got a school system that is giving you graduation rates we would marvel at — almost double the system-wide [rate]. A college acceptance and a college attendance [rate] that we would actually call a touchdown in the city. Those are the results and the data you should also look at. When you want to have a perspective, I’m not gonna look through one peephole.”

  6. Yea, it's true. Iowahawk's website had a really good break out of the performance of Texas schools compared to, of all places, Wisconsin. When you take over all scores, Wisconsin is higher. However, whites in TX outscore the whites in Wisc. Blacks in TX outscore blacks in Wisc. and Hispanics in TX outscore Hispanics in Wisc. It is the percentage of each demographic that changes the over all score.

  7. And $7500 far exeeds whatever property taxes the low-income families in question might be paying. So this program (and I favor voucher programs in the abstract) is not merely a redirection, its a govt subsidy. So those who are against such educational subsidies should be against this program.

  8. dirty liberals.....
  9. Maybe government should get out of the way...private schools have need based assistance.

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