1998 Sun Bowl

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  1. I ran across a VHS tape of the 1998 Sun Bowl. 57 Frog had it at his house and I was lucky enough to borrow it from my mom. He had several games on tape he would watch repeatedly.

    Watching the game again today really drove home the fact that this game as much as any other turned this program around. CBS showed a graphic that our bowl record to that point was 4-9-1. Up until 1998 we only participated in 14 bowl games. Since that time we've been to 12 (I think). That is amazing. Not only have we been to 12 since then but we've won most of those games. Incredible.

    That team taught future Frog teams how to win. I began to wonder where some of those players are today and I hope they know how much this Frog fan appreciates them for starting TCU on this incredible stretch.

    Go FROGS!!!
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  2. I wish you could put it on Youtube. Would love to see that one again. I nearly didn't go, because I didn't think we had a chance in the world to win. Thank God I did, because it was one of the top five TCU games I have ever seen. Who knew at the time that 1998 was going to be the start of such a great run.
  3. You wouldn't mind converting that tape to a digital format, and then creating a torrent, would you?

    Sun Bowl was a little before my time, and I've always wanted to see it.
  4. I'll try to convert it. I'll need help creating a torrent though.
  5. Amen Brother!
  6. I was there what a feeling that was. Very similar to the rose bowl
  7. It WAS our Rose Bowl until THE Rose Bowl. The citizens of El Paso showed us a lot of love.
  8. It's pretty dang easy to create a torrent. You can PM me if you'd like help. I'd be happy to, I've been wanting to watch that game for a long time.
  9. I went to youtube to see if i could relive the moment and nothing...let get some sun bowl footage out there!!
  10. Two best bowls I have ever been to: 1998 Sun Bowl and 2012 Rose Bowl. Both were equally momentous in their time. One signaled the Great TCU Football Turnaround. The other signaled the re-arrival of TCU on the national stage.
  11. Send a PM to B4P. He's the resident torrent wizard.
  12. Not to be confused with the resident regular wizard...

  13. The 1998 Sun Bowl was the first TCU bowl game for me. Besides the game itself, I recall the annoying, repetitious Trojan March music that the USC band played continuously throughout the game. The TCU victory was not effective in silencing the din.
  14. That girl must be really tall.
  15. Please get in touch with me. I have already converted the AXA Liberty Bowl from VHS to Digital and am willing to do it for any other games so that we can all enjoy.
  16. when did you become an Oregon fan? :tongue:
  17. Didn't USC have negative yards rushing for the game? Heck of a defensive performance.

    Current offense would have destroyed USC.
  18. -23 yards rushing to be exact. It was an awesome win. One of these days I plan on writing a summary of the weeks events for all you kfc.com'ers (game plan going in, USC laughing at us during pregame, Chris Claiborne making fun of us during the coin toss, Chris Claiborne not wanting to be on the field anymore at the half time coin toss, etc)

    Rest assured, the guys from that team still take a tremendous amount of pride in the direction that team and that win sent the program on. And it's always great to see when it's brought up as one of the "greats" in TCU history.
  19. Basil Mitchell was starting RB with LT coming off the bench. Who knew how rich we were at that position. I think Basil was drafted and played a few years at Green Bay.
  20. Before there was this:

    There was this:

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