100 for a xanax quad bar?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by roddog, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. im in the wrong business :blink:
  2. This thread will be deleted in 10....9....8....7......6. Why don't the mods ban his IP address? First the Patterson thread now a drug one.

  3. So what do you normally pay?
  4. yes please delete it mods, sorry, sometimes the truth is harsh, sorry!
  5. i get mine for 15 dollars a bottle legally through my doctor, they are great for anxiety or stress, but not good mixed with alchohol or other drugs! i was just reading that sometimes on the black market people(rich kids, not necessarily tcu kids)will pay that, crazy!
  6. The truth doesn't hurt you're just trying to throw everyone offsides. White trash might think its funny but we're not into drug jokes here
  7. Roddog, seriously, how do you handle losing all the time? Literally tell us one thing Tech really excels at, academically or athletically.

  8. we???, you have been on here 3 months with 60 posts, i dont care about what you think!
  9. Tell us one thing Tech really excels at, academically or athletically or socially.
  10. ahahahahahaha - post count smack! is this kinda like sos / attendance smack?!
  11. Most state tech universities are great institutions but its sad that our state tech school is so bad at everything and attracts nothing but meatheads and loose women. I guess that's one thing Tech is good at.
  12. Answered earlier in the thread
  13. Speaking of post counts, happy 6000th.
  14. Well played good sir. Where the hell did Roddog go? I keep hitting refresh anticipating a witty yet insightful reply.
  15. wow, thats really awesome, totally :wacko:
  16. So Roddog is on medication. That explains alot
  17. I think I know what happened to Rod. The iron fist...
  18. A true lifetime achievement!

  19. Yessir. 10,000 is next.
  20. Rodney is having his time in the spotlight dancing on our grave so to speak.

    Here comes TCU brother!!!! Tech better be scared poster boy of red raider insecurity. You know I'm right and acknowledged the same.

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