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  1. morterforker
    morterforker Moose Stuff
    what do you know about Cutter Sippel? I coached his younger brother in tee ball.
    TCUWIN MrMcgibblets
    Warning...That's cute.
    TCUWIN MrMcgibblets
    But I laugh at your little baylor butt thinking 225 is big. Lol. Funny. I bet you were a frat ho too, Try to be an athlete one time.
    TCUWIN MrMcgibblets
    I'm 6-6 260. You think I am afraid of your little prick? I will be wherever you want to be.
    1. MrMcgibblets
      Hit the gym fat ass
      Jun 19, 2017
    TCUWIN MrMcgibblets
    You sure are a big talker. Why not meet me somewhere you [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] head. What have you done in your pathetic little life. Keep hiding behind your keyboard.
    1. MrMcgibblets
      Where you at little guy?! Warning I'm 6'4 225
      Jun 18, 2017
  6. pastorfrog
    pastorfrog Zebra Frog
    Hey! Son you do mortgages
    1. Zebra Frog
      Zebra Frog
      Absolutely! Have been for 22 years.
      Jun 16, 2017
  7. nick
  8. DAMHoo
    Well guys it's been fun. Thanks for the hospitality. We picked a bad time to tank. Oh well I wish the Horned Frogs the best of luck
  9. BigDubya2012
    It's always a great day after a Horned Frog win! Survive and advance!
  10. Frog DJ
    Frog DJ Opintel
    Opintel - I saw you mention that you tried doing some DJ work on KTCU around 1968, and that was right smack dab in the middle of my years as an RTF major at TCU (class of '70), so I thought we might have run into each other. My name is Randy Hames, and I worked my way through TCU as a DJ on KFJZ, KXOL and WBAP, and of course, I worked at KTCU regularly.
  11. Jason Safran
    Jason Safran
    I am looking to buy 4 reserved tickets to TCU Saturday game of regional. Please contact me if you would like to sell.
  12. ksfrog
    ksfrog atofrog
    If you don't purchase regional baseball tickets, do you still get 1st dibs on super regional tickets? Thanks!
    1. atofrog
      Yes. Season ticket holders still have first option at their seats if we advance. It is a new tournament.
      May 29, 2017
  13. Buttons23
    Birthday April 14, 1953
  14. ReedFrawg
    ReedFrawg Armadillo
    Hey Armadillo this is Michael Reeder (aka ReedFrawg). I would be happy to help with your friend's home search if they need any assistance in the area. Thanks and Go Frogs!

    Michael Reeder &
  15. ReedFrawg
    ReedFrawg TCUdirtbag
    Hey dirtbag. This is Michael Reeder - I'm the owner and broker of Chisholm Realtors near TCU. I also own the site. Anyway I would be happy to help with your house search if you ever need it. Thanks.

    Go Frogs!
  16. Gserv1
    Lucking in the shadows...
  17. bleedpurple
    bleedpurple wes
    Is there a way to see if you have purchased something from the store?
  18. PHSFROG09
    PHSFROG09 TxFrog1999
    Is it possible to change display names?
  19. brcundith
  20. BAM Frog
    BAM Frog SnoSki
    I took my kids skiing for the first time this spring break. Spent a few days at Heavenly and it was awesome. Your avatar brought back some good memories.
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